On Jun 30, 2004, at 4:13 PM, Brian Feeny wrote:
Thanks for answering.  I did see that disable-users-big-dir option,
so I configured with it.

It seems to still do the following though:

1. create .dir-control in the domains directory.
2. complain when removing a domain that it can't delete the dir control.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]$ ./vadddomain test.com testcom
[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]$ ./vdeldomain test.com
Warning: Failed to delete dir_control for test.com

Even though /home/cust/vpopmail/domains/test.com is gone,
there is a .dir-control file in /home/cust/vpopmail/domains. I manually
deleted this file, but every time I add a new domain it creates this file
again. Not sure why ./vdeldomain would be complaining when there
wasnt a .dir-control in the first place associated with the domain I was

What version of vpopmail? I thought we took care of that error message ("Warning: Failed to delete dir_control for test.com") during the development cycle leading up to 5.4.0. It was due to the domain's directory getting deleted before the dir_control file (for user directories) inside of it.

Perhaps someone could look into making a patch to add a --disable-domains-big-dir (or would that be enable?) to disable hashing when creating new domains. It shouldn't be too hard to ifdef out the code responsible for hashing.

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