> > I'm thinking that there are probably more efficient filesystems than ext3
> > for at least some of this, and have been thinking about using xfs (faster
> > but still journaling), or maybe ext2 (very fast but no journaling) for at
> > least the qmail queue. Does anyone have some recommendations for the
> > filesystem to use on the partitions?
> I normally use reiserfs on the vpopmail home dir, and ext3 or ext2 on 
> the qmail queue partition (due to old problems with reiserfs and qmail). 
>   I have recently installed a few systems with reiserfs on every 
> partition and have seen no untoward problems.

I did too.

When using ReiserFS /w Qmail, don't forget to apply "the patch".


> I've heard good things about both jfs and xfs with vpopmail home and 
> qmail queue, but I haven't had time to play with them or benchmark them 
> under heavy load.

The one thing that I might like with XFS over otehrs is that it is
the only filesystem with documented hooks for using LVM snapshots
Has anyone ever used snapshots with Ext3 or ReiserFS?  Snapshots are
great becasue it's the fastest way to backup your mail partition
against user errors ("Help, I deleted my mailbox by mistake!") without
adding stress/load to the mail server.

Eric Ziegast

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