Those 5 people are probably using ISPs that firewalls off the SMTP port to
any host other than the ISP's own mail servers.  This is done to curb down
on the possibility of spamming.

-Henry Ho
Eclair Omnimedia Corporation

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Subject: [vchkpw] qmail smtp problem

I'm posting to this list because I don't know if this is a qmail problem or
a vpopmail problem:

I have a problem with my qmail smtp server but I can't figure out what is
causing the problem.

I've had 5 people so far that have complained that they are getting rejected
messages back when trying to send to me.
Here is the mesage
>Connection timed out:
>SMTP timeout while connected to [my ip address] after

>initial connection:  retry timeout exceeded

Now, I know that me and the other people that have email accounts on my
server get 100s of emails a day.
It's just from a select few that can't seem to send me email. (but I can
send them email with no problems)

Also, I use the unix program called 'mon' to do monitoring and it times out
when testing my server, yet it works great with other qmail servers I've
./smtp.monitor <my ip address>
<my ip address>: Connection timed out

I can telnet to my server and type in smtp commands manually and it works

I just got done reinstalling qmail and I still have the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?


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