The last time I had this same error it turned out that it was broken
routers/hosts upstream from me that was setting the DF bit. I just 
dropped the MTU on the qmail box and all was sweet again. Since then
I have put in a new IOS on the cisco router and I now remove the DF bit
at the border.

May not be your problem but would still be worth checking.


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>Sent: Thursday, 22 July 2004 12:19 AM
>Subject: [vchkpw] qmail smtp problem
>I'm posting to this list because I don't know if this
>is a qmail problem or a vpopmail problem:
>I have a problem with my qmail smtp server but I can't
>figure out what is causing the problem.
>I've had 5 people so far that have complained that
>they are getting rejected messages back when trying to
>send to me.
>Here is the mesage
>>Connection timed out:
>>SMTP timeout while connected to [my ip address] after
>>initial connection:  retry timeout exceeded
>Now, I know that me and the other people that have
>email accounts on my server get 100s of emails a day.
>It's just from a select few that can't seem to send me
>email. (but I can send them email with no problems)
>Also, I use the unix program called 'mon' to do
>monitoring and it times out when testing my server,
>yet it works great with other qmail
>servers I've built.
>./smtp.monitor <my ip address> 
><my ip address>: Connection timed out
>I can telnet to my server and type in smtp commands
>manually and it works fine.
>I just got done reinstalling qmail and I still have
>the same problem.
>Anyone have any ideas?
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