But I don't understand how it can be a dns issue
when I can connect to the port with no problem. It's
just not giving me back the correct smtp response.

After I posted the last message, it's now giving 
me the [220 <my domain> ESMTP] line when I telnet
to port 25. It's like it goes to sleep once in a while
and some smtp servers don't like that so they return
the email back to the sender...

--- Shane Chrisp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >Well, it gets worse. Now when I telnet to port 25,
> >it's not giving me the correct messages back:
> >
> >>telnet <my server> 25
> >Trying <my ip address>...
> >Connected to <my reverse dns name>.
> >Escape character is '^]'.
> >^]
> >telnet> quit
> >Connection closed.
> Brings us back to dns resolution. Ensure that server
> has a working dns. I
> like to run a 
> dnscache for the qmail servers to use. If the
> servers are not doing a lot of
> work I run
> it on the same server as the qmail install. Bind had
> been known to give
> problems with
> qmail.
> Shane

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