--- Jeremy Kitchen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Friday 06 August 2004 02:18 am, Hugh Beaumont wrote:
> > qmail-pop3d runs as vpopmail - everything works except system account
> > password checking
> ls -l /etc/shadow
> nuff said.
> -Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the, um, help :)

Obviously /etc/shadow is owned by root.root - this is why I assume there is know way 
to do this
without running some part of the system as root or doing some funky group 
manipulations (all of
which I would view as being a very bad idea).

However I thought that there may have been a prefered way among the group members of 
handling this
problem. I assume that most people just run vpopmail using only vpopmail owned 
accounts. However I
also assume that if anyone is using system accounts that they aren't too thrilled with 
the idea of
running it as root. I was hoping to hear of of any other possible ways to get around 



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