Hi !


The question is not mainly vpopmail related. I run the qmail system from daemontools.

I want to solve 2 things:


1: If the current is finished (reacing for ex. 15Mb) than it rotates it out, and create a new current.

a.       I need the roteted log file with human readable time format.

b.      How can I use 2 log directories for loggin different things from the smtp. Ex: 1 log dir is for standard things, and one log dir for standard things+error messages

c.       How to set up damontools to rotete logs using days not maximum size.


2. This is really not vpopmail J But maybe someone can help me out: how to rise the maximum concurrent connection number in mysql.


3. It is a correct information that mysql is fast only with small record number for ex: below 10k records, with bigger record numbers postgre is a better choiche. (It is more faster)

I am using now mysql 3.23.49 from deb.









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