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The question is not mainly vpopmail related. I run the qmail system from

I want to solve 2 things:
1: If the current is finished (reacing for ex. 15Mb) than it rotates it out,
and create a new current.

a. I need the roteted log file with human readable time format.

Pipe it through tai64nlocal

b.      How can I use 2 log directories for loggin different things from the
smtp. Ex: 1 log dir is for standard things, and one log dir for standard
things+error messages


c.       How to set up damontools to rotete logs using days not maximum

I don't believe multilog supports that directly, although you might be able to do something weird with the !processor syntax.

2. This is really not vpopmail :-) But maybe someone can help me out: how to
rise the maximum concurrent connection number in mysql.


3. It is a correct information that mysql is fast only with small record
number for ex: below 10k records, with bigger record numbers postgre is a
better choiche. (It is more faster)

It has been my experience that MySQL is faster no matter how many records are in the database (I've tested this up to 8 million records). I haven't run a benchmark in about a year, so the newer versions of MySQL and Postgres may or may not change the result.

Of course the database layout, number of keys or indexes, memory assigned to the caches, and many other things will affect the benchmark.



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