Am Mittwoch, 18. August 2004 23:22 schrieb Matthew Walker:
> I saw this was discussed a month or two ago, but no conclusion seemed
> to be reached.
I have been the one who had this problem.
We reached some kind of conclusion (see below).

> I have qmail 1.03, and vpopmail 5.4 installed, and everything works
> except for SMTP AUTH. I get segfaults or bad user errors, depending on
> whether or not vchkpw is owned by root or by the vpopmail user.

I tried also all these combinations with no success.

> Here's a transcript from a session where vchkpw was owned by vpopmail.
> When it's owned by root, the last line changes to simply say the
> authentication failed.

> 454 oops, problem with child and I can't auth (#4.3.0)

I wrote a bug-report, but nobody seemed to be interested. (I will have a quick 
look into the tracker when I've finished this mail, but I don't think 
anything happened).

Erwin Hoffmann ( spent some time looking through the code. His 
personal summary was that the easiest way would be to rewrite the whole 
vchkpw because there seems to be quite much unused and/or useless (and 
buggy(?)) code which makes it really hard to do a debug of this problem.

But: We found a workaround!
1. Take vpopmail in any version of your choice, configure, compile and install 
2. Take vpopmail-5.2.2, configure and compile it. Do NOT install it!
3. Rename your current '/var/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw' in whatever you want.
4. Copy the vchkpw-binary from your vpopmail-5.2.2-directory into 
5. Test it. See that it works. Have fun.
There is only one disadvantage: CRAM-MD5 doesn't work with 5.2.2.
Everything else will work fine (I am running it against MySQL without any 




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