The qmail-ldap patch appears to offer a clean solution for this problem since it creates an ldap for the email accounts that can be share amongst the corporate email servers. When qmail-ldap wants to deliver a message to a local user, it checks in the ldap database for the properti "mailhost" of that user. The mailhost property sets the host where the maildir of that account is physically configured. Then, the e-mail is forwarded to that host.
There is a document called "Life with Qmail-Ldap", in, that makes an introduction about the new capabilities gained when integrating qmail + an ldap database.
Bellow, i cut and pasted this introduction:

"Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, or LDAP, is a very useful tool in administration of large networks and organizations. It is a database that is highly optimized for read operations, up to ten times faster than SQL database systems. One of the best features of LDAP is the ability to store user accounts. A single account entry can be used for logging in to unix workstations, imap servers, access controlled web pages, and email account storage.

With the qmailUser schema and user accounts loaded into an LDAP server, Qmail-LDAP can be configured so that all mail servers in an organization can share this same account data. Qmail-LDAP supports message routing to the mailhost specified in each users account entry, even when all internal email accounts use business card style addresses such as [EMAIL PROTECTED] There is no need to use internal addresses like [EMAIL PROTECTED] and convert them to [EMAIL PROTECTED] when mail leaves the intranet.

Using LDAP to store Qmail-LDAP email accounts requires either building an LDAP directory, or modifying your existing directory. Since Qmail-LDAP requires the administrator to have a prior understanding of LDAP, this section of the HOWTO does not deal with basic LDAP or unix topics. For those who are completely unfamiliar with LDAP directory construction and administration, there are excellent books available and there are searchable mailing list archives at

1. The first part of setting up the directory server to work with Qmail-LDAP is to add the schema. This is not required if you have disabled schema checking, however running an LDAP server with schema checking disabled is highly discouraged. How the schema is loaded depends on the server you are using."


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