How about 2 qmail installs?
After you install qmail once, change conf-qmail to have a qmail2.
make setup check again, and you have a 2nd qmail install.

In there, change smtproutes to point your domain to your 2nd server.

Then for each user that exists on the 2nd server, make a .qmail-default
|/var/qmail2/bin/forward [EMAIL PROTECTED]

(remember to run your qmail-send process from the 2nd install, or
nothing will go out - Yes yes.. It got me :)


On Mon, 2004-08-23 at 13:36, Bruno Negrão wrote:
> Hi Itamar,
> > Pra que voce quer fazer isto Bruno ?
> (he is asking me why would I want to do this)
> To answer it i'll have to explain a little about my network.
> Here where i'm working is the central node of a big network.
> We are the mailserver for some companys that are connected to us through
> leased lines. Some of these links are slow 64K links.
> There is a company connected to us using a 64K link that wants the
> mailserver for their domain installed directly in their LAN, to speed up
> the mail transition and to avoid the internal mail traffic passing through
> this link every time a local employee send a message to other local
> employee.
> The problem about moving their mailserver from here (the central node) to
> their local network is that they have a big filial in another state that is
> also connected to us. When we move their MX box to their LAN, everybody in
> the filial will have to pass throught their 64KB link to send and receive
> e-mail, thus, consuming their bandwidth again.
> So, to avoid this, i want the filial maildirs to stay configured here in
> the central node of the network. And the maildirs of the biggest office
> will be configured in their own local mailserver.
> Could you understand me?
> Regards,
> bruno.

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