On Thursday 09 September 2004 05:17 pm, Fred Colclough wrote:
> OK Myron,
> I see what you're saying about these being forged... so the bottom-line is
> I can't do ANYthing about it, right?  I mean:  I'm getting 100 postmaster
> error e-mails PER DAY like these!  All because spammers are forging their
> 'reply-to' addresses as 'ME', so I get the error returns...

no, not their 'reply-to' ... SMTP doesn't care about headers.

mail servers (well, ones that work properly) bounce mails back to the envelope 
sender of the email.  You are most likely experiencing what is known as a 
"Joe Job" where someone is sending out lots of email with your email address 
as envelope sender, and you're getting the bounces.  This is an unfortunate 
flaw in the SMTP protocol, and there isn't a whole lot you can do about it 
other than ride out the storm.


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