forgot to say that if you new the total storage of the two drive , then a raid 0 is the way to combine the disks, you can read the raid howto that follows with hte linux documentation, but i would recommend to use at least two disks on a mailserver i raid1 (mirror)


Payal Rathod writes:

I have a 20Gb harddisk server with vpopmail (single domain) running on it.
A 12Gb partition is dedicated for users mails. We have around 50 users. But the
space has become insufficent over period of time. Now is there any way I
can add some other harddisk and start storing mails there? Also, I need
to add a few 10s of users more so I thought I can use storage of new
disk *too*. I don't want to destroy my old mails. Can someone point a
way to do these things? This is the first time I ever faced such an issue.

Thanks for the help.
With warm regards,

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