On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 22:31:49 +1000, Michael Bowe wrote:
> DEBUG_LOGIN=2. Then restart your courier-imap daemon. Then look in your
> /var/log/maillog. This is an example of an entry from my logs :
> Jeremy, how does this compare with your system?

I have slightly obfuscated the email address and password.

Connection, ip=[]
LOGIN: DEBUG: ip=[], command=LOGIN
LOGIN: DEBUG: ip=[], password=blah
authvchkpw: starting client module
authvchkpw: [EMAIL PROTECTED], sysuserid=1010,
   sysgroupid=1010, homedir=jeremy,
   [EMAIL PROTECTED], fullname=<null>,
   maildir=<null>, quota=<null>, options=<null>
authvchkpw: clearpasswd=<null>, passwd=zfhdrFE4797Xs
password matches successfully
chdir "jeremy": No such file or directory

> And the corresponding vuserinfo shows :

goofy> ~vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]
name:   jeremy
passwd: zfhdrFE4797Xs
clear passwd: blah
uid:    1
gid:    0
flags:  0
gecos: jeremy
limits: No user limits set.
dir:       /home/vpopmail/domains/jeremykister.com/jeremy
quota:     104857600S
usage:     5%
last auth: Tue Sep 28 15:18:05 2004
last auth ip: imap


Jeremy Kister

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