On Oct 21, 2004, at 11:17 AM, Jason Wilkinson wrote:
We're hitting a wall with our MySql install and our traffic is filling up
all available MySql connections.

I think I see one possible problem.

vdelivermail calls _exit() when running a command in a .qmail file (exit codes 99, 100 and 111). It should really be calling vexit() to give the MySQL lib a chance to close its connections.

We could also consider just using atexit() to register functions that will be automatically called at exit, then we don't have to worry about calling vexit instead (which calls vclose).

I took a quick look at vchkpw, and it appears to close its database connections, but I can't be sure. Is it possible to have MySQL report which processes/programs opened connections but failed to close them?

I know that I can increase my max_connections in MySql...it just seems as if
vpopmail should respond with a 4xx response so that valid mail isn't

I know that Tonio has worked on a new chkuser patch that, along with some extra code in vpopmail, will respond with 4xx.

Is there a chance that the old chkusr patch had an execution path that resulted in it not closing its connection to MySQL?

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