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We could also consider just using atexit() to register functions that will be automatically called at exit, then we don't have to worry about calling vexit instead (which calls vclose).

Wow! In another thread I just suggested to use atexit() in vpopmail.

I know that Tonio has worked on a new chkuser patch that, along with some extra code in vpopmail, will respond with 4xx.

Is there a chance that the old chkusr patch had an execution path that resulted in it not closing its connection to MySQL?

Yes, both for new and for old patch. chkuser cannot close any connection, as it's called only for each sender or rcpt, and cannot know when it has finished his job.

But, as we are speaking of atexit(), I'll give the good example ( :-) ) and in next 2.0.7 version I'll use it to call vclose().



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