On Wednesday 03 November 2004 5:00 am, Fabrizio Frosali - Impulso Srl wrote:
> >
> >I currently have a 2Gb personal maildir quota, and I'm currently using
> >1Gb. I use IMAP. Full IMAP subfolder queries ("check all folders for
> >new mail", etc...) are a CPU hog for large mailboxes, and changing your
> >filesystem isn't going to help that much. For those of you familiar
> >with Big-O notation, I believe it's a O(N) operation for the number
> >of folders under your INBOX. If it's too slow, get a bigger CPU, or
> >more of them (think cluster).
> Hi all,
> I had the same problem: a mailbox with 260.000 messages that killed the server
> when opened in IMAP. I use RH with ext3.
> I made some tests formatting a partition with Reiserfs (3) under Linux RH 9 and
> moving the maildir there.
> There is no a real increase in performance from ext3 to Reiserfs when you
> handle such maildirs.
> Better looking for a faster disk or a faster machine.

Has anyone here tried Binc IMAP instead of Courier IMAP? Is it
any faster for large maildirs? I've been wondering this for
about a month now...

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