Hi Alex,

this error message is not in vanilla qmail. So I guess, you are using some kind of badrcptto-patch (qregex?). Please show us this patch and the contents of it's config file (control/badrcptto?)

I just look into it moments before I get your message. Yes I'm using some kind of regex patch. Currently I have one file named badmailto. Follow it's contents:

# must not contain invalid characters,
# brakets or multiple @'s

I setup this server almost based on Shupp's toaster version 0.5. So I'm using his patch that contains qregex.patch-20020129, but the code is blended with another patches. I see that this patch is really old, but says on the readm file that qregex is case insentive.

I found this version of the patch here:

Thanks for any help, -- Walter.

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