* Walter Souto R. Junior <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2005-01-05 14:18]:
> Hi Alex,

> >this error message is not in vanilla qmail. So I guess, you are using
> >some kind of badrcptto-patch (qregex?). Please show us this patch and
> >the contents of it's config file (control/badrcptto?)

> I just look into it moments before I get your message. Yes I'm using some  
> kind of regex patch. Currently I have one file named badmailto. Follow  
> it's contents:

> # must not contain invalid characters,
> # brakets or multiple @'s
> [\W\D!%#:\*\^]
> [\(\)]
> [\{\}]
> @.*@

Drop or fix the first non-comment line. It does not work. 

Explanation: Your regex.h does not support \W and \D (see regex(7), GNU
regex manual). That means, the regex code drops connections with
recipient domains containing uppercase W and D chars (see your example
smtp session). 

I was falling to the same trap and notified the patch author (Evan) to request
removal of this example. I didn't get an answer, but Andrew, who now
maintains this patch, removed it from README.qregex. 

BTW, there is an updated version with further enhancements at:

> I setup this server almost based on Shupp's toaster version 0.5. So I'm  
> using his patch that contains qregex.patch-20020129, but the code is  
> blended with another patches. I see that this patch is really old, but  
> says on the readm file that qregex is case insentive.

Maybe Bill should get a notification also....

> I found this version of the patch here:
> http://alex.zeitform.de/qmail/qmail_single_patches/qregex.patch-20020129

Funny, this is my little site. :-)


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