The website listed this list as being the support location for both qmail
and netqmail/vpopmail etc. so I posted here. Could you tell me where the
proper list is if they are incorrect?

As for relaying, I'm using pop-before-smtp and it's worked great - but how
does that affect chkuser?


On Sat, 15 Jan 2005, Bill Wichers wrote:

> > I got it working, sort of. Went through the whole thing, fired up the new
> > smtpd and find that while chkuser IS functioning, it's just not WORKING.
> >
> > I'm just running a basic qmail 1.03 install. No vpopmail, no fancy stuff.
> This is a very common problem, but you posted to the vchkpw list, which is
> FOR VPOPMAIL. You need to post to the qmail list for qmail-specific
> questions that are unrelated to vpopmail.
> A hint though: you probably need selective relaying. Read about tcp.smtp,
> SMTP-Auth, and possibly the older method of roaming users support with
> POP3 (check-before-send).
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