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On Tuesday 18 January 2005 03:23 pm, Brian Lanier wrote:

This is where I am not clear and would love to be
corrected. I don't want delivery to happen on my public facing mail


but I would like to run chkuser there to prevent bad mail from even


into my mail system.

that's a little trickier, and requires a certain type of setup.

Any examples of this type of setup? Any docs or postings of anyone have used
this type of setup? With our setup, we use a first layer to knock down all
the easy/obvious email and then pass on to our scanning layers to reduce the
load on our AV setup. This dependency on using the virtualdomains file kills
this type of setup. I have heard a lot of success stories using chkuser and
would like to implement it on our setup. I thought I had seen people using
this tiered approach with vpopmail and chkuser, just no details on

I'm pretty sure vpopmail verifies the domain exists as a vpopmail domain by looking at the qmail/users/assign file (at least it does here with 5.4.6), so you should be able to do what you want if the chkusr patch relies on vpopmail calls (which it did in 1.0, I haven't used the 2.0 version yet).

I missed the earlier messages on this topic so I'm not quite sure what you want to do but if you want a primary MX to accept mail and then forward it on to a second machine that does local delivery, adding the domain on the primary MX, then removing it from virtualdomains and adding into smtproutes *should* work.

I did do a similar setup for a client but I was using cdb not mysql, and duplicating the vpasswd files for each domain and that did work.

Should be easy enough to do the same thing with mysql although I think you'll have to manually add the domains to the assign file and rebuild it yourself if you are using the mysql server of the local delivery machine, plus add the domains vpopmail directory and .qmail-default file and any user .qmail files... yesh. Ummm, manually add the domain to assign, rebuild and nfs mount the vpopmail domains/ directory :)

Did that make any sense at all ?



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