On Tuesday 01 March 2005 7:48 pm, Kurt Bigler wrote:
> on 2/28/05 5:02 PM, Kurt Bigler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > on 2/28/05 7:06 AM, Ken Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> We are almost ready to release a new php web interface that talks to the
> >> vpopmail daemon where we planned on adding support for this spamassassin
> >> stuff.
> >
> > You mention "vpopmail daemon".  The only vpopmail daemon I have running
> > is vchkpw, used with qmail-pop3d.
> What I should have said was that my ps listing shows nothing that I
> recognize as a vpopmail daemon.  I didn't think vdelivermail was a daemon,
> but that may be my ignorance of what a daemon is.
> So you could clarify "vpopmail daemon"?

The development branch of vpopmail has a new program: vpopmaild
It can be run as a daemon under tcpserver. It provides just about all
the features in the vpopmail libraries. Programs can authenticate
with it and ask it to execute vpopmail type commands.

We are using it in vhostadmin to build a php based management interface.
Since vpopmaild can be run under tcpserver (over ssl if you need), it lets
management interfaces to run on any computer and access vpopmaild
over the net.

I have a development version of vhostadmin I need to package up for
release. If any one wants a copy of it before we pretty it up, email
me and I'll send you the tarball.

> And can someone confirm that SA with per-user preferences means that if I
> configure SA to interact with qmail-smtpd that this can result in SMTP
> rejections based on individual user prefs?  
Yes. That is already available with simscan. However email to multiple
recipients can not support reading each of their users preferences. I
think the default in simscan is to use the preferences of the first recipient.

> And is there some redundancy in 
> thie smtpd-time access to vpopmail information between this and chkuser
> that might be a performance concern?
Not that I am aware of. 

Ken Jones

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