On Mar 3, 2005, at 8:54 AM, Nick Harring wrote:
No, it wouldn't require this. It would require that you edit the
recipient list prior to queueing. There's nothing 'ugly' that I can see
about that process.

I think Nick's method would work for those who want to block anything that scores as spam but not modify message headers.

For others, like myself, who want to block at 10+ but tag as spam anything with 5+, it will not work. In my case, each user would need their own, custom copy of the email with the headers (and possible rewritten message) based on their personal scoring configuration.

I kind of like my original idea though, but would want to collect some stats before implementing it. My idea is pretty simple -- for non-relay hosts, after the first RCPT TO is accepted, reply to all additional RCPT TO requests with a 4xx result.

How many messages come into a server for multiple recipients in the same domain? I guess if someone was mailing multiple people at the same company, it would happen. But with most mailing lists using custom bounce messages for each recipient, they wouldn't be affected.

How about the spammers who email 100's of random usernames in a domain, hoping to hit valid addresses? The 4xx response would at least slow them down (and even stop them if their spam programs don't retry 4xx responses).

The biggest downside I can see is if someone sends a large email (say with a file attached) to multiple people in one domain, then sending server will have to push it through multiple times.

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