Ken Jones wrote:

vhostadmin is a PHP control panel for site administrators looking
for an easy way to manage their virtual hosting needs via a series
of user-configurable plug-in modules.  Because of this you have the
ability to write and include your own plug-ins.

Although still early in development, we felt it would be good to release
the software to the community to look over and inspect.  Included
is some base API for authentication, communication with the vpopmail
daemon, and some basic event binding inside the mail and vpopmail
modules.  The current development mail module can add a domain via
the vpopmail daemon.

Since the vpopmail daemon runs under tcpserver the PHP interface can
run on a seperate machine, as well as solving the PHP permissions

The current development version may be downloaded at:

Or via CVS:

        export CVSROOT=:pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/cvs
        cvs login   (login with empty password)
        cvs co vhostadmin

We have established a mailing list for development and use of
vhostadmin.  To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to

Someone not familiar with LAMP might follow the install doc and stop there,    opens the cookie jar.

Where does one find the vpopmail daemon? I downloaded a fresh copy of 5.4.9 and the 5.5.0-devel and didn't see it. Checked in the contrib dir also.



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