Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

On Friday 18 March 2005 11:58 am, Dave Goodrich wrote:

What would really be useful would be logging of message IDs in the
qmail-send log at delivery, and in the qmail-pop3d log when the message
is deleted by the pop client. I could then say, "it was delivered, you
popped it and deleted it".

you could do that with a delivery instruction in the .qmail file

|echo "delivering `822field Message-ID`"

822field is from the mess822 package
Note that I have not tested this with emails that do not have a message-id header (such as ones that come from broken-ass outhouse 2003), you might want to do that before implementing this ;)

Good point, maybe what I really need is to log the message file name on disk? That info is already available to qmail/vpopmail when it writes the message to the users Maildir, and when it reads the message from the users Maildir.

I could positively tie a message from the delivery line in qmail/current to a pop "retr" command in qmail-pop3d/current then.


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