> I did check and it seems that my uid, gid for vpopmail and vchkpw are
different than the original box.  I tried to change the uid:gid in the
/var/qmail/users/assign file but I still cannot authenticate.  I am working
with freeBSD and it seems that changing the gid is not as simple as editing
the /etc/group file. Does anyone know how that is done?  I cannot seem to
find anything on it.  I am thinking that I may be abe to erase it and
recreate the group, but I am not sure at this moment.

I basically copied everything over to the new box with rsync -vaz

by everything, I mean

i feel that all that I have to do is remedy the uid:gid and it should work,
but I am also thinking that changing the uid:gid in the
/var/qmail/users/assign should have done the trick.  Can someone comment on

Well, we use FreeBSD here, FBSD reserved 89:89 for vpopmail, is that what you used for your UID:GID?

The question I would have is what are the UID and GID you currently have on each machine?

You should be able to copy over all the files you state, change UID and GID accordingly, change the UID and GID in assign to match, restart qmail and be good.

Ideally, following the install instructions you would always have the same UID and GID on any vpopmail machine ;^)


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