Yes, I'm having trouble with this as well. I've simply been waiting for it to git fixed because a couple of weeks ago when I posted no one could help. Seems like it's just broken on 64bit systems right now. Hope someone will take an interest and fix it, we have neither the competence nor the time to do it ourselves.


Martin Kos wrote:

On 05/09/2005 09:22 PM, Ken Jones wrote:

It's no problem to compile courier-authlib without authvchkpw

What shall I do to install courier-imap on my x86_64 system?
I have been trying different settings for 30 hours now.
Please I need some help.

Try not using the -fPIC flag

i'm sure this won't work too!

i've tried different options to get this beast to work but haven't had success
and haven't got any help on this issue :-( you can check out my postings on
different mailinglists.

you can use the pre-authlib-versions of courier without problems....


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