I have been tryig different setups for this compile for 30 hours without any success.

So, is there any way around authvchkpw? I have been trying to use authmysql, but the databases are different. Authmysql seems to be made for one domain.
All I want is to use IMAP with multiple domains on my x86_64 system.

Does anyone know how to solve it?
I'm so tierd of this now... got customers waiting for their mails.

what does pre-authlib-versions do?
is it instead of courier-authlib?
will it make courier-imap to work with vpopmail?


David Brohall

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On 05/09/2005 09:22 PM, Ken Jones wrote:

It's no problem to compile courier-authlib without authvchkpw

What shall I do to install courier-imap on my x86_64 system?
I have been trying different settings for 30 hours now.
Please I need some help.

Try not using the -fPIC flag

i'm sure this won't work too!

i've tried different options to get this beast to work but haven't had success
and haven't got any help on this issue :-( you can check out my postings on
different mailinglists.

you can use the pre-authlib-versions of courier without problems....

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