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Sorry to be annoying, but I just cannot get a clear idea.
e.g. below,


Now if I make a .qmail-default file there with,
| /path/to/script

and I have .qmail-rp and rp/.qmail with
which .qmail-* file will be used for user rp?

.qmail-rp. qmail-local will find and use that file before it uses .qmail-default.

Will my script be used or not?

Your script will not be used.

If you didn't have a .qmail-rp, and you did have the vdelivermail line in .qmail-default AFTER your script, qmail-local would process the .qmail-default file, run your script first, then vdelivermail. vdelivermail would find rp/.qmail (assuming you created an rp user with vadduser) and forward the message to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Note that your script won't be able to alter the contents of the message -- qmail-local passes a fresh copy of the message to each program in the .qmail-default (or any .qmail) file. Read the man page 'qmail-command' to learn how your script's exit codes can alter the behavior of qmail-local.

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