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On Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 8:48:26 PM Casey wrote:

>> 'vmoduser -rs' will disable relay *AND* disable SMTP-AUTH ability for
>> given e-mail-address, so even if they set up their MUA to do SMTP-AUTH
>> they'll not be allowed and therefore not gain RELAYCLIENT-privileges.

> Keep in mind though, that this is not really a valid solution unless you host
> only one domain on the mail server, in which case I have to wonder why you
> run vpopmail at all.

Maybe because of easier mail user management and the lack of necessity
to create a system user ID for every mail recipient?!

> If joe.com and bob.com are hosted on the same server, they'll be
> able to send each other mail even with the above measures.

Sure. I interpreted 'external' as 'not my server', not 'outside this
particular domain' ... a limitation I included silently one should in
fact be aware of.
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