Hi Peter,

'vmoduser -rs' will disable relay *AND* disable SMTP-AUTH ability for
given e-mail-address, so even if they set up their MUA to do SMTP-AUTH
they'll not be allowed and therefore not gain RELAYCLIENT-privileges.
when we use vmoduser command, where does it store the information of which user can do what?

This can for sure be made dynamic and used by creating a "template
.qmail" and (sym)linking the other .qmail files against it, so a
change affects all at the same time.
The script checking for external incoming can e.g. inspect
"$ENV{SENDER}" for internal domain and if not 'exit(100)' to bounce
the message. If the mail is internal simply 'exit(0)' and have
"|vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox" in .qmail file.
Did you read my idea(posted some messages ago) about making a script to be run with QMAILQUEUE patch to filter all the passing messages? With this idea we wouldn't even have that problem of the possibility of sending e-mails from one local domain to other local domain - the program could block if From: and To: are not on the same domain.

Can you comment about this idea?
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