On Friday 17 June 2005 08:43 am, Bruno Negrão wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm editing my Simscan + ClamAV + Chkuser installation guide at:
> http://www.qmailwiki.org/Simscan/Related_Docs/Simscan_ClamAV_Chkuser_Instal
> And I added a new part where I persuade the reader to enable some of
> chkuser's features that came disabled by default. To persuade the reader, I
> make some comments of the usefulness of each feature.
> I'd like you to read and criticize my comments to prevent me teaching
> bullshit to the others.
> The text is this bellow:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Enable some nice Chkuser features [OPTIONAL]
> Chkuser has disabled by default some of it's nice features:
>   a.. CHKUSER_SENDER_FORMAT: checks if the SENDER of each message has the
> username part matching [a-z0-9_-], and the domain part matching [a-z0-9-.]
> with not consecutive "-.", not leading or ending "-." ==> Great for
> identifying spam. a.. CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT: Equals to the above checking,
> but for the RCPT of each message. Good to prevent your users to send crap
> to the net.

doesn't this block bounces?  I seem to recall one time where this was enabled 
by default and was blocking all bounce messages, which is a VERY bad thing.

>   a.. CHKUSER_SENDER_MX: Checks if the SENDER domain has a valid MX
> configured for it, thus, discovering fake domain names. Great for
> identifying spam. a.. CHKUSER_RCPT_MX: Checks if the RCPT domain has a
> valid MX configured for it. Good to discover "typos" your users do when
> sending e-mails.

the latter seems less useful than the former, however it shouldn't cause any 
performance problems.

> To enable these features, we have to edit the chkuser_setting.h file and
> uncomment them.
> vi chkuser_settings.h

nano? *ducks*  a lot of new users would get stuck in vi, so I would recommend 
saying nano or pico there, advanced users will recognize this as a text 
editor and use their editor of choice.

I know the first time I got in vi by accident I was like "wtf how do i get out 
of this thing!??" :)

> Search and uncomment the line for each feature:
> /* #define CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT */
> /* #define CHKUSER_RCPT_MX */
> /* #define CHKUSER_SENDER_MX */
> Save the chkuser_settings.h file with the above modifications.

sounds good :)


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