We have a threaded mail agent that controls mail clearing, and use
Vpopmail for mail delivery. We want to use some of the internal vpopmail
functionality within our mail clearing agents to allow for trapping bad
mail faster -- the main portion is quota checking.

A review of the vpopmail code in this area indicates that the library is
not currently thread safe.

Would there be any interest in applying patches to vpopmail for thread
safety if we submit them? Russell Nelson would be the developer working
on this project, and we would be happy to discuss the changes in depth.

Our immediate concerns are with the thread safety of the below calls:
      * vauth_getpw(user, domain)
      * vmaildir_readquota(maildir, format_maildirquota(mypw->pw_shell))

We would prefer to donate patches back to the vpopmail application, via
quality review and other standard approval processes, than write our own
methods to accomplish a similar task.

Part 2 of this project may include an improved quota check method for
greatly reduced overhead.


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