On Jun 17, 2005, at 12:31 PM, Rod Taylor wrote:
Would there be any interest in applying patches to vpopmail for thread
safety if we submit them? Russell Nelson would be the developer working
on this project, and we would be happy to discuss the changes in depth.

Our immediate concerns are with the thread safety of the below calls:
      * vauth_getpw(user, domain)
* vmaildir_readquota(maildir, format_maildirquota(mypw->pw_shell))

We would prefer to donate patches back to the vpopmail application, via
quality review and other standard approval processes, than write our own
methods to accomplish a similar task.

Part 2 of this project may include an improved quota check method for
greatly reduced overhead.

I would be very interested. Please make sure you start from 5.4.12, which I'll try to release shortly. It includes a re-written vdelivermail and some changes to the maildirquota code. You can get it from CVS on SourceForge if you use the stable-5_4 tag. It corrects a few quota-related problems with 5.4.10 and earlier.

Keep in mind that qmail, vpopmail, courier and other programs all implement the same "maildirquota" methods. You would need to make sure an improved system either doesn't break the other programs, or can be a drop-in replacement for the old code.

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