On Saturday, June 18, 2005, 12:13:54 PM, Peter wrote:

>>> AFAIR it does exactly what you said.

>> Nope, doesn't seem to.  I rebuilt vpopmail with it enabled, edited 
>> out the cleartext portions of a vpasswd file, and logged in a bunch
>> of times as that user.  No updates to vpasswd. :(

> How did you log in? SMTP-AUTH using CRAM-MD5? If so the clear text
> password can't be added to vpasswd, because the clear text password
> didn't made it to the server. You'll need to authenticate using a
> plain text method, like LOGIN or PLAIN or POP3 login (not using APOP).
I've checked in mysql log what happens if I auth via POP3 - vpopmail
makes select from vpopmail where pw_name='x' and pw_domain='x.com'
and the connection is being closed. As far as I understand well I
should get an update to vpopmail pw_clear_passwd field, right ?

> Additionally you should make sure you rebuilt vpasswd.cdb after you
> edited vpasswd, because else vchkpw will still see the clear text
> password in vpasswd.cdb and therefore see no reason to update
> anything. vchkpw does *not* look into vpasswd if everything is OK, it
> just updates clear text password in there if it fails to find one in
> .cdb file.
Casey was talking about mysql not .cdb for user databases.

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