On Jun 18, 2005, at 7:32 AM, Sylwester S. Biernacki wrote:
I've checked in mysql log what happens if I auth via POP3 - vpopmail
makes select from vpopmail where pw_name='x' and pw_domain='x.com'
and the connection is being closed. As far as I understand well I
should get an update to vpopmail pw_clear_passwd field, right ?

I'm not sure why this isn't happening -- here's the relevant code in vchkpw:

  /* User with pw_clear_passwd unset but pw_passwd set
   * should have the pw_clear_passwd field filled in
  if ( vpw->pw_clear_passwd==NULL||vpw->pw_clear_passwd[0]==0) {
    vpw->pw_clear_passwd = ThePass;
    vauth_setpw(vpw, TheDomain);

It gets to this code after confirming that the user has a valid password. If you're using Courier for POP logins, then it doesn't call vchkpw, and that's why learn passwords isn't working.

If you're using qmail's pop3 server, you could add some debugging to vchkpw.c (and recompile and reinstall it) to do some printfs around that code to see why it isn't running.

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