I use NFS for my vpopmail directories, and haven't seen this..

I'm assuming you're using CDB files for auth; that means the DB files are
all on NFS.  If you don't have your root mapped properly, you won't be able
to create files.  Try using -maproot=0 (freebsd, others may be similar) in
your exports on the NFS server, and re-mount the NFS mountpoint; see if that


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> Subject: [vchkpw] vpopmail via NFS
> Has anyone tried to hold the vpopmail home as a NFS mount?
> I've gotten the mount setup properly, and the permissions are fine,
> however when adding a domain or a user I recieve the following error.
> minoru# ./bin/vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Please enter password for [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
> enter password again:
> Failed while attempting to add user to auth backend
> Error: no auth connection
> If copy out all the files in the ~vpopmail mount, unmount, and copy the
> files into the now-local ~/vpopmail I do not have this problem.
> Has anyone done this, or know what the problem is?
> Thanks in advance.
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