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>From: Ken Jones [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 2:39 PM
>To: vchkpw@inter7.com
>Subject: Re: [vchkpw] qmail-tap patch + spamcontrol
>On Thursday 30 June 2005 2:24 pm, Erwin Hoffmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> At 15:56 30.06.2005 +0800, Ronald Chan wrote:
>> >Hi everyone,
>> >
>> >    has anyone from you guys know is there a modified qmail-tap patch
>> >can be integrate with spamcontrol found in
>> > www.fehcom.de/qmail/spamcontrol.htm i really want to integrate it since
>> >spamcontrol patch is a rock solid code for me,
>> >
>> >My current setup is
>> >
>> >OpenBSD 3.7 with Qmail-1.0.3 + spamcontrol patch + vpopmail +
>> > qmail-scanner.
>> Please tell me more about the "qmail-tab" patch. What is it ? Where to
>It gives you greater control than stock qmail in archiving email messages.
>Ken Jones

How do you handle BCC entries using qmail-tap? My C is limited to very basic
understanding, so I see it runs some regex checks but against what?

In the past when using the QUEUE_EXTRA code, I noticed I lost the envelope
recipient as a variable for use($EXT and $HOST). It got changed to whatever
I set up under QUEUE_EXTRA. Because of that I couldn't grab BCC emails.
$SENDER was still set just fine.



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