At 09:54 AM 7/2/2005, Tom Collins wrote:
If I recall the thread though, the server in question is NOT set up for POP before SMTP. So, the cdb file is static and does not get updated. If it has 5 or so entries for the servers that will feed it, I would have to agree that a cdb lookup would to a static file of 5 entries would be more efficient than a MySQL query (which has to be parsed by the MySQL server) for the same lookup.

nope, in this case, i am indeed using pop before smtp. as noted in my last message, my mysql server averages 20qps, runs at 40qps during the busy part of the day, with peaks in excess of 150qps, and never breaks a sweat.

i last restarted my mysql server on june 23 - since then, there have been 4 Slow_queries.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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