There are a lot of us here using qmail and able to give you an e-mail service.

So you can continue to use qmail and your boss will have an outsourced service!



At 15.29 05/07/2005, you wrote:
Guys, let me explain why I'm asking this. My boss (not me) has doubts about Qmail. He wants me to search for new mailservers of mail solutions like, for example, outsourcing the mail function.

So I'm asking this now to have more arguments to convince him to stay with Qmail.

My boss (and me) esteem Inter7 and we'd like to hear from you the answer of this question.


Hi Inter7 and everybody,

I'd like to know why do you opt Qmail as your mailserver? Why not Postfix? Why not Qmail-ldap? Why not any other that I don't know about?

Would you work with some other mailserver? If so, which one?

Thank you in advance,

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