On Tuesday 05 July 2005 1:05 pm, Bruno Negrão wrote:
> >does your boss have a rationale for his doubts, or are they based upon a
> >'gut' feeling? usually doubts arise based upon shortcomings. what
> >shortcoming does your boss see in qmail (note, small 'q' - it is not
> >"Qmail").
> OK. He wants to know if there is a tendency on the market for some other
> mailserver. He asks me what mailservers the biggest linux/Unix distributors
> are using on their products. For example, what's the mailserver shipped
> with RedHat, Solaris, Mandrake, Debian, etc?  I really don't know. I
> believe all of them are shipped only with Sendmail, but I'm not sure on
> this actually.

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet but RedHat wanted to
use Qmail to replace sendmail in their distributions. But they
wanted to change the directory structure and Dan Bernstein
objected. So no qmail in RedHat.

We like qmail for many reasons, mostly because it is efficent and
it never breaks. Personally I like it because it is designed well. 
Once you understand Dan's coding style, it is easy to modify to 
add new features. 

Ken Jones

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