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Thank you very much for the info.

Let me tell more info about us.

We already use Qmail in our 6 mailservers for 4 years. I installed all of them. I even wrote http://www.qmailwiki.org/Simscan/Related_Docs/Simscan_ClamAV_Chkuser_Installation_Guide What means I'm used to the Qmail+Inter7-tools+Patches lifestyle, I know it works.

Let me tell you some things we(specially him) don't like in Qmail, some of them were already mentioned:

1) the fact that qmail stopped being developed so every improvement has to be made craftily: applying patches, install a bunch of administrative tools, install antivirus, etc. All these procedures are made manually, there's no "Super Qmail 2005" package, with all the pieces already gathered.

2) a lot of research is needed to find how to install each improvement. This time could be used for other things, of course. So there is a cost here.

3) We don't have personnel and don't intend to dedicade C programmers to develop patches for qmail by ourselves.

My boss actually dreams on making us a mail outsourcer for other companies.We are already a small ISP, but he dreams about our customers stop using their MS Outlook's to use our supposed beautiful webmail/domain-administration solution of his dreams. So he wants to know if there is something already close to it on the open-source market. He wants to know if there is something ready. (don't get mad with me, I'm just researching what he asked)

What's bad on inter7 tools? For example, my boss thinks Sqwebmail is ugly, and it really is. But, IMP is a pain in the ass to set it up. We substituted Sqwebmail to IMP, but when I have to update IMP I almost break down and cry. Sqwebmail is easy and ugly, IMP is handsome and very complicated to install.

But we're happy with Qmailadmin though. But could be nicer if Sqwebmail and Qmailadmin were integrated and very good looking, providing a continuos look and feel pattern.

I want to comment what Kyle said here:

But look at it this way: there's nothing in the license that says you
can't take qmail, rename it to (mySweetMailserver, for example), and
release it under the GPL. That nobody's done that says something.

I don't understand about licensing, but I researching on Qmail-ldap, I heard it is licensed "under BSD which is DFSG-free" - having this licensing, could it be shipped with the distributions? Do you have some opinion on Qmail-ldap?

Some ideas with webmail applications and domain administration?

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