I don't understand about licensing, but I researching on Qmail-ldap, I
heard it is licensed "under BSD which is
DFSG-free" - having this licensing, could it be shipped with the
distributions? Do you have some opinion on Qmail-ldap?

Mmm, not exactly. Qmail-ldap is based on qmail (as I understand, it's a
big patch to qmail). The patch itself has a license (BSD) which is
separate from qmail-proper.
However, I've never used qmail-ldap. Though all my account information
is stored in ldap, I've stuck with using vpopmail's ldap support.

Yes, qmail-ldap is a big patch to qmail. You just install qmail, apply qmail-ldap and you have qmail+a lot of features including antispam, chkuser, QMAILQUEUE, etc. With ldap backend for everything.

In qmail-ldap, every mail account has a "mailhost" attribute that says in what server the Maildir for that particular user should be. This feature enables you to set up a central MX 0 for your domain who will receive all the e-mail for that domain, and then it will forward the messages to their final destinations in remote qmail-ldap servers, all of them sharing the same domain name.

My dream (not of my boss) is if Inter7 started developing its nice tools for qmail-ldap too. So I could create a user account in my central mailserver in new york using "vadduser" with the following 3 parameters form:

vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] jonhspassword saopaulo.myenterprise.com.br

This means that every email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] goes to the MX 0 in NY and then it's forwarded to the mailserver of the brazilian office.

What qmail-ldap lacks now, in my opinion, are the Inter7 tools. And maybe, i don't know, Inter7 can be lacking qmail-ldap too.

Well, at least this is my dream...


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