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I am running daemontools, but there is no directory that looks like that on my system.
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# cd /service
[EMAIL PROTECTED] service]#  ls
qmail-pop3d  qmail-send  qmail-smtpd
[EMAIL PROTECTED] service]# cd  qmail-smtpd
[EMAIL PROTECTED] qmail-smtpd]# ls
log  run   supervise
[EMAIL PROTECTED] qmail-smtpd]# ls -a
.  ..  log   run  supervise

Read more about it here:

Sorry if I repeated anything with that link. I missed the reference to the directory that your'e looking for.
PS, I loved SDiego! Wow what a neat downtown/waterfront. Sorry we didn't connect for a cocktail or a sandwich or something. Have a good weekend.

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