Hello everyone,
Here is the update on this crazy server issue which is leaning closer and closer to a case of SFA (stupid flippn' administrator).
My server appears to be running daemontools ok. I need to investigate daemontools more closely over the course of the day, but daemontools truly does not seem to be contributing to the problem or the solution (from what I can see).
I can find no reference to this /env/CONCURRENCY directory on this system at all!
Correct me if I am wrong,
1 My CONCURRENCIES are max-ing out and raising the limit is not the solution.
2 Qmail, VPopmail, and QMail scanner are respawning
3 Each spawn will eat a few CONCURRENCIES?
4 Editing evn variables won't prevent the respawning?
So it would appear that this knucklehead administrator has to find out why this thing is respawning all the time and that should solve the core issue of this "qmail keeps failing" issue.
Albert Einstein,
The most difficult problems have the simplest solutions!
Brad Sumrall

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