[EMAIL PROTECTED] said the following on 7/8/2005 9:20 AM:
Hello everyone,

Correct me if I am wrong, 1 My CONCURRENCIES are max-ing out and raising the limit is not the solution.
2 Qmail, VPopmail, and QMail scanner are respawning
3 Each spawn will eat a few CONCURRENCIES?
4 Editing evn variables won't prevent the respawning?
Brad Sumrall

Can you post on the list, again(?) your unedited output of qmail-showctl.
What does your <qmailctl stat> tell you about this spawning. Services up and staying up? 'messages in queue' reasonable?

These items may help folks here help you.

How much if anything do you know about the installation process used, when this qmail (note the small 'q') server was cobbled together?

This may soon start to look like a qmail list issue, have you looked into the archives over here:
(good search function)

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