On Friday, July  8 at 06:36 PM, quoth Kyle Wheeler:
On Friday, July  8 at 12:20 PM, quoth Tren Blackburn:
Why do you have .qmail-user files?

Because it was the only way I could think of to forward the message without actually storing it on the qmail server. What I want is it to be virus scanned (happens at smtp level via simscan), and then run through dspam. Is there a simple way to allow a message to go through the .qmail-default file and forward to another server, but not store the message on the qmail server as well.

Sorry if I didn't explain it very clearly before and thanks for the reply.

AHA! I thought as much. Vpopmail will do what you want if you move .qmail-user into user/.qmail

Oops, I'm a moron - this was already suggested. :)

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