Andrew Preece wrote:

That's actually very good. I'd make a cron job to check the db entries.
every five minutes it would write the dot qmail files based on what the db
says. the script should write indevidual dot qmailfiles for
each user in their home dirs that way compatability with qmailadmin isn't

The only problem I see with this, is that it's a very specific glue. Which
isn't all that bad, I guess. Is there a safe way to let the horde script write the .qmail file? I think that would be a little more elegant than a cron job, and less maintenance. Then it could take effect immediately, as well.
Then, all I'd have to write is a horde drive for vacation that could read
the vpopmail data, and make the appropriate change to the file

Er, doesn't qmailadmin do a respectable job at writing vacation messages? #1, you could let your users into qmailadmin. (I mean, how many vactions do they take in a year :) They can always use a different interface besides Horde.) #2, you could mimic whatever qmailadmin does. #3, neither one of these uses MySQL directly, which is that what you want, or do you not really care? Again, how many people are going to be hammering MySQL trying to go on vacation, and the server is too slow?

Well, let me see. I guess if vchkpw is using MySQL backend, then I think the vacation message stuff has gotta be in MySQL... Hadn't thought of that, but there it is.

Personally, I use qmailadmin, but my users usually don't. But that's just a policy decision. Anyway, I think Tom Collins wrote it, more or less, or maintains it. Surprised he hasn't said something here yet.


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