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Bruno Negrao wrote:
| KBO,
| I saw on qmail-ldap mailing list that you've been there studying
| Qmail-ldap around 1999 and 2001.
| But I did not find neither in qmail-ldap nor in vchkpw mailing lists why
| didn't Inter7 chose to develop it's tools for qmail-ldap.
| The clustering support qmail-ldap provides is great and fits very well
| with the big ISP's and big enterprises needs. Qmail-ldap also supports a
| lot of antispam techniques without the need to install further patches
| (getting free of all those additional patches is something a lot of
| people would like to do)
| What qmail-ldap is lacking are the Inter7 tools. Qmail wouldn't be what
| it is if wasn't Inter7 tools. The same way, Qmail-ldap also needs your
| tools.
| And in my head, if Inter7 adopted Qmail-ldap these products together
| could achieve the biggest mailserver installations. (I mean, this is
| something you really want, right?)
| So, why isn't Inter7 lacking Qmail-ldap too? Where doesn't Qmail-ldap
| offer to Inter7 a promising combination?

We wrote an LDAP authentication module for vpopmail quite some time
ago.  It exists in vpopmail to this day.  qmail-ldap is not qmail,
and it is not vpopmail.  It's a completely seperate package built
directly with LDAP support.

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