> At 07.28 26/07/2005, you wrote:
>>I am having a problem with chkuser.  When qmail is running with the
>> patch,
>>everthing appears to be working fine.
>>i can telnet into port 25 of my server and send a test message from my
>>local box and a remote box.
>>this test appears in my inbox as normal.
>>but when i send through a mail client, such was outlook, thunderbird, or
>>even yahoo webmail, the messages are not delivered AT ALL.
>>mail works normally when i use the old qmail-smtpd file [before
>> patching].
>>Does this make sense to anyone?
> If it works telnetting to port 25, then it should work from anywhere,
> as the protocol is the same and the programs are the same.
> What are logs saying about rejected/lost messages?

The logs say nothing.  What I had noticed is that sending through an email
client, the messages do not appear to hit my system at all and are sent to
my mailbackup.  once i switch back, the mail starts comming in from the
mailbackup as normal.

laster today i will run a tcpdump session on my FW checking to see if
anything hits me and i will also try with a email client externally and
enable logging on that.

>>  * Uncomment this to enable uid/gid changing
>>  * (switching UID/GID is NOT compatible with TLS; you may keep this
>>commented if you have TLS)
>>  */
> Are you using this the right way, putting right setuid/setgid bits on
> over patched qmail-smtpd?

I am not sure, I belive this was uncommended and didnt change it at all. 
I am not using any TLS patches [I couldnt get them to work at the time so
i stopped trying].
I didnt think it would hurt to leave it enabled.
the patches I am using are: maildir++ and qmail-remote-auth and of course
trying to get chkuser working.

I thought it would be ok since the qmail-smtpd/run script is pulling up
qmail-smtpd as the vpopmail user and group.
should i try to uncomment this and try again?

>>thanks for any help in advance
>>Dan Delaney
> Tonino

thanks again
Dan Delaney

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